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Export with no effort


New Partners

To begin with, we will prepare a small research of different markets to check the viability of the export project of your product, and from here, everything will depend on your choices and decisions






Always taking into account your needs, we will advise you during all the internationalizing process, from finding new customers and enter into target markets to being by your side at fairs and meetings







We help you to choose the best option for your needs.

 We will evaluate all the possibilities and guide you in order for you to choose the best for your product




Digital Mkt

We help you, thanks to our knowledge and expertise in marketing, to take your brand to the summit. Indeed, this world needs more brands like yours. Brands with conscience, contributing to social good promoting sustainability through brilliant ideas and real solutions




There are funds from catalan and spanish organizations that can help your firm to become global, even banking products that can be used to finance future sales. 

We advise you so that you choose which is the best option for you




We evaluate different channels and means so that your products can get to more customers and increase your sales


We advise you about which products are the most suitable to begin to enter each target market



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